Foshan Mainland IMP & EXP Co., Ltd.

Established in 1992, Foshan Mainland Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a professional building material supplier, with its products exported to dozens of countries and regions in the world. Over 20 years, Mainland has become a reputable and popular enterprise in ceramic tile import and export industry, and established a global ceramic tile supply network together with its long-term customers. Highly experienced in meeting demands and quality requirements for exporting to global markets, Mainland is an AA member of CHINA EXPORT & CREDIT INSURANCE COPERATION, a counsel member of CHINA MINMETALS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, and a contractual partner unit of CHINA IMPORT & EXPORT INSPECTION & QUARANTINE BUREAU. Over 20 years, with a professional team for international sales, quality inspection and product R&D, Mainland has been providing global customers with the most premium and cost-effective ceramic tiles made in China. Under the principle "Put Customers First and Build A Good Reputation", Mainland is building an integrated service supply chain from production to sales, to create an elegant and natural living space. In possession of two ceramic tile production bases in Guangdong and Fujian which are the world's largest and most profitable ones, thanks to useful and convenient ports in Foshan, Xiamen and Guangzhou, Mainland exports more than 10,000 containers of ceramic tiles per year to the world.
In 2018, Mainland took a step further, cooperating with a globally advanced technology team to create an Italian-style Salante brand. Salante's modern production base has three factories in collaborative operation, covering an area of 400,000 square meters, containing eight ceramic production lines to be completed, with a total daily capacity of 82,000 square meters. State-of-the-art equipment including KEDA press machine, Jumper kiln, 8-channel ink-jet printing machine, KEDA polishing line, and MINJIE glaze casting machine, have been adopted in the factories. Specialized kilns are for corresponding production lines. All is for flexible manufacture of high-quality products. The base has a production team of 560 personnel, and the head of them are old hands at ceramic production for over 20 years. This excellent and experienced team, by means of high-spec equipment, crafts Salante products with pure colors, vivid textures, delicate surface finishes and impeccable details. Salante also focuses on porcelain glazed tiles whose water absorption is less than 0.1%, displaying their diversity through more surface finishes, specifications, biscuit colors and thicknesses. Apart from rustic glazed, fully-polished and dry grain finishes, Salante has developed new technics such as "Glossy Ink","Lapato on dry granule","Carving Glaze","Lapato on texture" and "R11 dry granule". Salante produces more than ten rectified and seven non-rectified products with different specifications including thickness of 5.5mm, 10mm and 20mm, for up to 19 different kinds of biscuit crafts. Provided with such a wide range of products, customers can easily choose their own combinations, to meet different practical scenarios.
Backed by its rich experience in the industry, vigilant for the ever-changing competition and potential demand of the market, Mainland's professional team keeps up with the latest trends in international ceramic tile technologies, develops elegant and natural products with Italian top design companies Ego Design and Newton, and works closely with well-known ink suppliers from Spain Colorobbia and Torrecid. Taking advantage of the large scale and operational efficiency of China's production, as well as unique Italian design, Mainland has set its sights on international mid-to-high end markets, hoping to popularize quality European-style ceramic tiles in every corner of the world. Going with the tide of global integrated development and the trend of the ceramic industry, Mainland and Salante sincerely invite partners from the whole world to join them in realizing more values and mutual benefits by creating an elegant and natural living space for every consumer