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Tiles Can Improve Sleep Health? Expert: Do Not Listen To Businesses

Author:Industry Release Time:2018-04-10 16:15:33   


    Recently, The Tile Market Health Wind Blowing, Called Functional Tile Swaggering Into The Vision Everyone. Reporter Survey Found That "Health Card" Tile Manufacturing Businesses Are Mostly A Gimmick, People Trained Eyes At The Same Time, We Must Retain Evidence Of The Need To Prepare For Defenders.
    In Late April, Reflecting The Public Chan, Went To The Home Because Of The Decoration Building Materials Market, Promoters Claim That Now Very Few People With Ordinary Tiles, All With "Health Tile" Ion Sterilization, Negative Ions To Improve Sleep, Improve Blood Circulation And Other Varieties. She Worries That He Is Now Very Confused, Deceived Feared, But Also Worried With The Bad For Your Health.
    One Industry Sources, The So-Called Health Care Tile Can Not Believe, Because Any Kind Of Technology Should Have National Standards, In Particular Negative Ions, Titanium Ions Are Not Marked Much Content, What Testing Standards That Consumers Buy, Should Require Businesses To Produce Test Reports, Not Blindly Buy.
    Lawyer Reminded Care How Much Tile Effectiveness, Through The Identification Of The Specialized Agencies, Or Exaggerate The Effect Of The Absence Of Such Effects, All Belong To A Violation Of The Consumer's Right To Know, Is A Fraud Against Consumers.