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New High Gold Tile Tile Market Worth Different Processes

Author:Industry Release Time:2018-04-10 16:15:33   

    With Building Materials Gradually Into The Season, Also Officially Launch New Products. In The Visit, The Reporter Found That This Year's Walk A New Luxury Style Tile, Ceramic Tile Containing Greater "Gold" It!
    It Is Understood That The Appropriate Tile Products Launched New Products Every Year, Last Year, New Tile Mainly To "Wallpaper" Type Of Tile-Based, And This Tile Containing Gold Is One Of The Highlights, Then How This Tile Price? Whether The Consumer Favorite? Reporter Conducted In-Depth Interviews.     Including "Gold" Tiles Worth Of High Technology Is Different Reporters Visited Shenyang Several Comprehensive Home Stores, In Many Stores Found In This Year's New Products, There Are Many Products Contain "Gold", So-Called "Gold", Is In The Interior Tile With Gold Or Gold-Like Filamentous Structure In The Glaze, In A Certain Light To Enhance The Overall Effect Tiles, Looks Very Atmospheric, Luxurious.     And In A Certain Brand Of Tile Stores, Reporters Asked About The Gold Silk Piece 600mm × 600mm Tiles, Sales Staff Said That The Price Of Its Folding Rear Is Also More Than 350 Yuan Per Piece, And Store Other Types Of Products, Especially The Ordinary All-Ceramic Tile Even If The Same Size, The Price May Be Less Than Half Of Which Contain Gold Tiles.     As A Consumer, Whether To Accept Such A Luxury Product? A Reader Is Being Renovated Kim Said: "This Product Very Attractive, But The Price Does Have Some High, A Little No Fu Xiaoshou, But Also Worried That Even If Purchased Gold Will Fall, Will Not Fade." Certain Tiles Liu Sha Sales Manager, Said: "Any Long-Term Use Tiles Have Worn May, If You Choose This Tile With Gold, And Depends On The Process Is In Place, There Are Only Fired Again, The Golden Glaze Burn Surface ; Some Will Be On The Golden Glaze And Then Fired A Transparent Glaze To Protect A Product After It Is Clear The Process Will Be More Durable Than The Previous One, When Consumers Choose To Be Carefully Distinguished. "     Neo-Classical Style Is More Suitable For Ordinary Families Distance This Tile Application Space, Design, Paving Tiles And General What Is The Difference? Reporters Interviewed The Chief Designer Li Dongze A Decoration Company. ƝŽä¸Œæ³½ Said: "The Range Of Applications Of This Tile Tile Narrower Than Normal, Because Of This, There Are Golden Glaze Tiles, Looks Very Luxurious, It Is More Suitable For Commercial, Villas, House Use, If It Is An Ordinary Family, Afraid I Can Not Enjoy. "For This Style Of Tile Applications, ƝŽä¸Œæ³½ Said It Better Suited To The Neo-Classical Style, Blended With Metallic Furniture, The Two Can Complement Each Other, And In The Paving On When Cutting, Note Phnom Penh Processing Phnom Penh Itself Will Not Affect The Texture, Keep The Feeling Of The Product Itself.     However, ƝŽä¸Œæ³½ Also Reminded: "Because Of This Very Luxurious Tile Design, So It Is Not Very Low-Key, If The Average Family Probably Can Not Enjoy, Especially Not Suitable For Use In A Small Space, But From The Price, It Is Also More Expensive Than Ordinary Ceramic Tiles A Lot, So Consumers Should Be A Rational Choice. "