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Qingyuan 3 Ceramics Been Called China Famous Trademark

Author:Industry Release Time:2018-04-10 16:15:33   

   It Is Understood That China's Well-Known Trademark Is Reflected In The Performance Of Commodity Markets In The Country's Considerable Gold Title. Owns The Trademark And Logo Indicates That The Product Has A Good Reputation, Has A Considerable Share Of The Market Share. 10 Chinese Famous Trademark Trademark Qingyuan Region, There Are Five Ceramic Product Trademarks, Four Are Cable, Aluminum Product Labeling, A Food Trademark. 10 There Are Eight Well-Known Trademarks In The Qing City, Fresh Area And Have A Fogang, Indicating Good Industrial Development Areas And Regions Are "Well-Known Trademark" Big. Chinese Famous Trademarks From Time Perspective, There Are Nine Were From The Beginning Of 2009 After The Acquisition, But Also With Qingyuan Industry And Food Processing Industry To The Brand's Time Coincide.
     Reporters Learned From The Business Sector, In Addition To The Current 10 Qingyuan Trademark Was Known Trademarks In China, There Were 46 In Guangdong Province, Geographical Indication Trademarks 3, The Cumulative Effective Trademark Registrations 5731, Reflecting The Industrial And Agricultural Enterprises To Take The Brand Qingyuan Made Great Progress In The Development Of The Road.
     Reporters Learned From The Qingyuan City Of Industry, To Actively Implement The Trademark Brand Development Strategy, Qingyuan City, Has Introduced A Brand Recommendation Mechanism, The Brand Created A Joint Meeting System, The Mechanism Created Three Brand Reward Mechanism. Qingyuan History And Culture Surrounding Features, Combined With The Local Industrial Product Features And Characteristics Of The Rich Agricultural Resources, And Actively Encourage And Guide The Competitive Advantage Of The Brand Famous Trademark Striving To Promote The Economic Development Of The Brand. Through Effective Training, Qingyuan City, Has Formed Agriculture, Cable, Cement, Wine, Ceramics, And Other Characteristics Of A Certain Size Lumps Industrial Economy.
     In Addition, The Business Sector To Increase Qingyuan Registered Trademark Of Protection, Industrial And Agricultural Enterprises Qingyuan Found Foreign Companies Suspected Of Infringing Its Registered Trademark Rights To Guide Companies In The Business, Praised By The Business And Increase The Trademark Efforts To Protect Rights, Trademark Infringement Law Thorough Investigation.